We are a COMMERCIAL kitchen and commissary Dedicated to the success of your food business.

The Prep Station provides kitchen facilities and services for food professionals at competitive prices, ideal for small to mid-size businesses.

From home-based businesses to full scale commercial production, our kitchen is here to help meet the variety of needs faced by each of our clients.

We provide a supportive environment where you can learn, grow and develop.

Just getting started? We have affordable and flexible plans. Please see section on Kitchen Membership: Hourly or Kitchen Membership: Monthly. We also provide free consultation and advise for your food business. If it is your first time in a commercial facility, we will walk you through the steps to make sure you are comfortable and professional while working within our kitchen.


• 5,000 square foot full-service kitchen

• Three full cook lines with multiple convection ovens, stoves, flat-tops, stock-pot burners and more

• Commercial dehydrators with over 500 square ft capacity

• Huge 800 square foot cold-storage room

• Robot Coupe 40-quart food processor

• Dedicated Gluten-free food-prep area

• Food truck/cart parking with washing station and charging bays

Located at Alameda Point, on the old Alameda Naval Air Station

The kitchen and commissary is centrally situated near San Francisco and Oakland.

There is parking and 24/7 access to the kitchen and its facilities.

We know what it takes to start and grow a food business, and look forward to working with you. Contact us to schedule your kitchen visit today. 



(415) 652-0197



2400 Monarch Street
Alameda, California



Kitchen is available 24/7

Contact us for an appointment to visit the kitchen